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[movies]Jennifer Leaning: Keys to human security - PopTech
Dr. Jennifer Leaning is the director of the Harvard Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University, and the FXB professor of the practice of health and human rights at Harvard School of Public Health. She travels the world researching human security. "I'm looking at the ways in which you can promote health and well-being through time in the setting of war and disaster."
Downloads: 17
[movies]Donnel Baird: Energy financing
Donnel Baird explains his online platform that connects investors concerned about climate change with inner city solar and energy efficiency projects. "We create jobs, energy savings, carbon emission reductions, financial returns for our investors."
Keywords: Climate; Energy; PopTech 2013; Social Innovation Fellows 2013
Downloads: 15
[movies]Nigel Waller on the Mobile Cloud - PopTech
2009 PopTech Fellow Nigel Waller launched Movirtu to provide virtual mobile phone services for people earning less than two dollars a day. As Movirtu expands across Africa and Asia, even the poorest individuals can send text messages and make mobile payments as well as find work and access healthcare.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Business; Technology; Fellows; Mobile; Data; Social Innovation Fellows 2009; PopTech 2009; Africa
Downloads: 14
[movies]Michael Blum: Failure and Resiliency - PopTech
Tulane ecology professor Michael Blum has been at the front lines of the Gulf coast oil spill response and clean-up efforts. In his PopTech talk, he analyzed the operational, organizational and technological failures that led to the accident as well as the community's resiliency in its rebuilding efforts.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Environment; Water; Ocean; PopTech 2010; Resilience; Ecology
Downloads: 92
[movies]Matthew Berg: Mobiles for Health - PopTech
Matt Berg helped create and pilot ChildCount+, a mobile-phone-based health platform that empowers communities in Africa to improve child and maternal health. Matt also trains local programmers at the Rural Technology Lab, with a goal to advance the health of millions while decentralizing the software development process.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Health; Fellows; Social Innovation Fellows 2010; Development; Mobile; Africa; Technology; PopTech 2010; Youth; Community; Women
Downloads: 97
[movies]PopTech Iceland: Toward Resilience - PopTech
In June 2012 PopTech will convene a gathering of researchers, practitioners and thought leaders--working in fields such as international development, global business, climate adaptation, social psychology, systems ecology, emerging technology, disaster relief, community activism--for a dialogue.
Downloads: 97
[movies]Tom Darden: Make It Right - PopTech
Tom Darden is the Executive Director of the Make It Right Foundation, an organization founded by actor Brad Pitt to build 150 green, high design homes in New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward, a neighborhood devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Darden said he wants to take what has been a local conversation about green construction to the national level.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; Architecture; Green; PopTech 2010; Sustainability; Community
Downloads: 15
[movies]Sarah Fortune: Fighting TB - PopTech
Why is tuberculosis so resistant to treatment? Sarah Fortune studies the bacterium that causes tuberculosis as well as how it responds to various eradication efforts, with a view to more effectively fighting this increasingly common global scourge.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Science Fellows 2010; Health; Biology; Medicine; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 19
[movies]Assaf Biderman: Sentient Cities - PopTech
Assaf Biderman is the Associate Director of the SENSEable City Laboratory, an MIT university research group that explores the "real-time city" by studying how distributed technologies can be used to improve our understanding of cities and create a more sustainable ways of interacting in urban environments.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; Mapping; Climate; Urbanization; Visualizations; Data; PopTech 2009; Mobile
Downloads: 24
[movies]Dennis Littky on Big Picture Ed - PopTech
The co-founder and co-director of Big Picture Learning, Dennis Littky believes that cookie-cutter teaching fails too many students. So Littky works to make alternative, non-standardized curriculums the new standard. Big Picture now has more than 70 schools nationwide.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Education; Youth; PopTech 2009; Big Systems
Downloads: 26
[movies]Unity Dow: Rethinking Africa - PopTech
Unity Dow, a lawyer, high court justice in Botswana and novelist, describes seismic generational shifts between pre- and post-independence Africans. She asks how the identity shifts of the next generation will change the dynamics of the world stage and what that means for Americans, many of whom are working with outdated paradigms in a world rebalancing.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; PopTech 2011; Business
Downloads: 95
[movies]Fortune and Biewald: Crowdsourcing TB cell annotation - PopTech
Sarah Fortune, TB expert, and Lukas Biewald, CEO of the crowdsourcing start-up, Crowdflower, pair up through PopTech to crowdsource a task best done by the human eye: cataloging TB's bacterial cells. This collaboration has the potential to democratize the economics of science and basic scientific discovery.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; PopTech 2011; Health; Biology; Crowdsourcing; Community; DIY; Emerging Tech
Downloads: 21
[movies]Adrian Owen: Search for Consciousness - PopTech
What if you were completely conscious but couldn't move or speak? Neuroscientist Adrian Owen and his team have been using brain-imaging techniques to determine levels of consciousness in vegetative patients. By giving simple commands and then measuring brain activity, Owen has learned some patients are completely aware despite being entirely unable to communicate or move their limbs.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Health; Medicine; PopTech 2010; Mind; Neuroscience
Downloads: 30
[movies]Young Guru borrows a beat - PopTech
Revered as "The Sound of New York," Young Guru has mixed 10 of Jay-Z's albums and officially became Jay-Z's tour D.J. in 2010. Watch him borrow a beat from Al Green to show the fine line between art and piracy.
Downloads: 19
[movies]Thompson & Cotton forgive - PopTech
The story of Jennifer Thompson and Ronald Cotton is one of liberation and forgiveness. In 1984, Thompson testified that Cotton raped her, for which he was sentenced to life in prison. Eleven years later, DNA evidence cleared him of the crime. Thompson and Cotton went on to write a memoir together about their experience.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Psychology; Conflict; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 19
[movies]Milenko Matanovic: Art as community builder - PopTech
Milenko Matanovic is a community builder and visual artist. He describes his journey from pure artist to facilitator, working with the betterment of the community in mind. Through his organization, The Pomegranate Center, Matanovic guides the conception and construction of open-air gathering places, involving the community in all phases of the project.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; PopTech 2011; Art; Architecture; Community; Collaboration; Human Rights
Downloads: 18
[movies]Chris Chabris: When Intuition Fails - PopTech
Psychologist and neuroscientist Chris Chabris studies how rarely we see the world as it really is. A creator of the famous "gorilla experiment," Chabris' work reveals how relying on our intuitions is perilous. Because of copyright issues, we're unable to show the video in its entirety. Please watch the Invisible Gorilla video prior to this talk.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Psychology; Culture; PopTech 2010; Neuroscience; Mind
Downloads: 16
[movies]Lloyd and Zimbalist: Memory mapping the news - PopTech
Alexis Lloyd and Michael Zimbalist, both from the New York Times R&D Lab, describe a new app for memory mapping the news, which they created for PopTech's iPad app. Unlike the old model of top-down publishing, it allows consumers to combine news with their own personal memories. Users can see timelines in real and perceived time and view stories from the archives within the context of their own lives.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; PopTech 2011; Culture; Internet; Journalism; Mapping; Emerging Tech
Downloads: 12
[movies]Erica Williams on Youth Politics - PopTech
Erica Williams is a Washington, D.C.-based activist and commentator who currently serves as the Deputy Director of Campus Progress, a project of the Center for American Progress. In this riveting Poptech talk, Williams discusses how the Millennial generation--today's 18-30 year olds--are re-imagining the nature of political engagement.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Activism; Community; Politics; Justice; Government; PopTech 2009; Youth
Downloads: 9
[movies]Nathan Eagle: Global mobile workforce - PopTech
Nathan Eagle is harnessing mobile phone data in emerging markets. He's launched txteagle, a program that enables the under-employed to earn money or phone credits by performing tasks on their cell phones. Through partnerships with over 220 mobile phone operators, txteagle is active in nearly 100 countries.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; Africa; Mobile; Development; Business; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 30
[movies]Bhagwan Chowdhry's Financial Access at Birth - PopTech
Bhagwan Chowdhry started Financial Access at Birth (FAB), which aims to give every child born in the world an initial deposit of $100 in an online bank account so the next generation would have access to financial services in a few decades.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Business; PopTech 2011; Economics; Development; Poverty; Design; DIY
Downloads: 9
[movies]Energy disruptors: Jay Keasling on plant-based fuels - PopTech
Jay Keasling, a pioneer in the field of synthetic biology, grew up on a farm in Nebraska where his father raised corn. He decided to apply his past to what he'd been doing for years, engineering microbes to produce chemicals. He's turned his attention to solving the world's energy crisis, using plants to engineer clean-burning fuels that will replace oil.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Energy; Energy disruptors shorts; Shorts; Energy disruptors; Emerging Tech; Environment; Green
Downloads: 78
[movies]Yasser Ansari: Networked Organisms - PopTech
Yasser Ansari, self-described bio geek-turned-telecom nerd, wants to help boost eco-literacy. To do so, he has created Noah, an online platform and mobile application that allows "curious naturalists" to contribute to ongoing scientific research through data collection and documentation efforts.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; Mobile; Data; Science; Crowdsourcing; Living Systems DC Salon 2010
Downloads: 14
[movies]Steve Barr Fixes Failing Schools - PopTech
According to Steve Barr, the fastest way to fix education in America would be to make private schools illegal. As the founder of Green Dot Public Schools, Barr is devoted to improving public education in blighted cities. His efforts have transformed high schools across Los Angeles into charter schools that send nearly 80% of students to college.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Education; PopTech 2009; Urbanization; Governance; Youth
Downloads: 19
[movies]Sean Gourley: Tracking Innovation - PopTech
Sean Gourley is a mathematician who has spent the last seven years using math to understand war and insurgency. He is now applying that understanding to develop ways to map technology companies - in search of the "technology genome."
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Science Fellows 2010; Business; PopTech 2010; Mapping; Technology
Downloads: 27
[movies]Alec Ross on Statecraft 3.0 - PopTech
Senior Advisor on Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Alec Ross, says it's time to reboot US diplomatic efforts abroad. Ross calls for 21st century statecraft based on the innovative use of new media. Previously, Ross co-founded One Economy, a nonprofit devoted to closing the digital divide, and brought his expertise to then Senator Obama's presidential campaign.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Government; Politics; PopTech 2009; Economics; Technology; Internet
Downloads: 14
[movies]John Fetterman: Reviving Braddock - PopTech
Braddock, Pennsylvania Mayor John Fetterman is fighting for the future of his rust belt town's future. Braddock has lost ninety percent of its buildings and most of its population. Yet Fetterman's ambitious plans include repurposing abandoned lots and fostering numerous arts and community initiatives.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Governance; Urbanization; Economics; PopTech 2009
Downloads: 26
[movies]Kevin Starr: Lasting Impact - PopTech
Kevin Starr, Mulago Foundation director, looks for the best solutions to the biggest problems in the poorest countries. He thinks all projects need to answer four questions: Is it needed? Does it work? Will it get to those who need it? Will they use it correctly when they get it? Too many bad ideas are using up our limited resources and that needs to change.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Poverty; Development; Business; Sustainability; PopTech 2010; Big Systems; Social Innovation
Downloads: 9
[movies]Shorts: Food as revolution - PopTech
What better way to welcome PopTech attendees to Maine than by inviting them to participate in a cooking class run by Salt Water Farm's chef/owner Annemarie Ahearn and farm director Ladleah Dunn?
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; PopTech 2011; Business; Design; Energy; Entertainment
Downloads: 22
[movies]Burnham & Jonsson: Freeing Internet innovation - PopTech
Brad Burnham is a managing partner at Union Square Ventures. Ari Jonsson is the rector of Reykjavik University, Iceland's leading university in technology, business and law. They discuss the creation in Iceland of an ideal policy framework for innovation on the Internet.
Downloads: 15
[movies]Ben Dubin-Thaler: Science by Bus - PopTech
Ben Dubin-Thaler, a biologist and founder of Cell Motion Laboratories Inc., drives the BioBus, a repurposed transit bus outfitted with a high-tech science lab that serves as a mobile laboratory to get kids interested in science.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Science Fellows 2010; Education; PopTech 2010
Downloads: 18
[movies]Ann Masten: Inside resilient children - PopTech
Ann Masten is a professor at the University of Minnesota who studies resilience in young people exposed to poverty, homelessness, migration, disaster, war and other adversities. "The most powerful protective system for a human child is a loving, caring family."
Downloads: 15
[movies]Desney Tan and Scott Saponas: Our bodies as the interface - PopTech
Scott Saponas and Desney Tan both work at Microsoft Research where their latest project, called Skinput, focuses on allowing richer, more natural ways of interacting with our ubiquitous technology devices. They envision a day when you can change your music, learn a language, and even answer email using bio-acoustics on the touch-sensitive surfaces of our bodies.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; PopTech 2011; Biology; Innovation; Design; Mobile; Data; Emerging Tech
Downloads: 19
[movies]Chris Marianetti's Found Sound Nation - PopTech
Chris Marianetti, a classically trained musician and composer, got started by bringing his recording studio to a Bronx school. Marianetti ended up recording an album with his students and then invited master musicians to contribute. Today, his organization, Found Sound Nation, creates collaborations all over the world, bringing people together through music.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Music; PopTech 2011; Community; Collaboration; Social Innovation Fellows 2011; Social Innovation Fellows
Downloads: 17
[movies]Jan-Emmanuel De Neve: Tax incentives
Jan-Emmanuel De Neve shares some data that suggest some interesting ways to incentivize people to pay their taxes. "If we can make the tax form slightly less frustrating and perhaps raise compliance, we can do a lot of good."
Keywords: finance; PopTech 2013; Science Fellows 2013
Downloads: 7
[movies]Paula Kahumbu: Conservation 2.0 - PopTech
As executive director of WildlifeDirect, 2009 PopTech Fellow Paula Kahumbu is building a global wildlife conservation community that connects conservationists and their supporters through blogs and direct funding. The goal: a movement powerful enough to reverse catastrophic species loss in Africa and around the world.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Environment; Africa; Fellows; Sustainability; Technology; Community; Social Innovation; PopTech 2009; Social Innovation Fellows 2009
Downloads: 20
[movies]Yasser Ansari: Citizen Science - PopTech
Yasser Ansari's Project Noah (Networked Organisms and Habitats), strives to be what he calls "a field guide for every organism." Inspired by Darwin's Field Guide, bio-instruments, and a little bit of steampunk, the platform encourages citizen scientists to step into the world, eyes open, and begin documenting what they find.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Science; Fellows; Social Innovation Fellows 2010; Mobile; Environment; Biology; Activism; Green; PopTech 2010; Ecology
Downloads: 20
[movies]Naif Al-Mutawa: The New Superheroes - PopTech
Naif Al-Mutawa is the creator of THE 99 - the first comic series to include multicultural superheroes inspired by an Islamic archetype. A clinical psychologist by training, Al-Mutawa is creating new frameworks for confronting stereotypes and extremism through a cast of characters that derive their power from Allah's 99 attributes.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; PopTech 2009; Faith; Visualizations; Psychology; Justice; Art
Downloads: 208
[movies]Paul van Zyl: Legacy of Torture - PopTech
Co-founder of the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ), Paul Van Zyl has devoted his career to human rights. The South African has been helping his country out of apartheid through the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Van Zyl calls on America to hold its own commission to "openly and publicly" confront the torture that recently occurred in Guantanamo and elsewhere.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Conflict; Justice; Africa; Human Rights; Freedom; PopTech 2009
Downloads: 261
[movies]Ben Lyon: Mobile Microcredit - PopTech
Ben Lyon founded FrontlineSMS:Credit to allow microfinance institutions to send and receive secure loan payments, track loans and develop a micro-insurance model using the ubiquitous mobile phone.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Business; Fellows; Social Innovation Fellows 2010; Development; Finance; PopTech 2010; BoP; Mobile; Microfinance
Downloads: 296
[movies]Rinku Sen: Locating Justice - PopTech
Rinku Sen, president and executive director of the Applied Research Center, is devoted to creating a more inclusive America. If we're willing to be explicit about the ways racism works around us, Sen says, we can create the society we all want to live in. Sen also publishes the ColorLines, a magazine on race and politics. (www.arc.org)
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; Human Rights; Justice; PopTech 2009; Activism
Downloads: 202
[movies]Luis von Ahn Harnesses Brainpower - PopTech
Computer scientist Luis von Ahn's programs harness the human brainpower to solve complex problems. von Ahn invented ReCaptcha, a program that uses squiggly characters that humans easily decipher but blocks spambots - and helps digitize millions of old texts. The CMU professor also makes games that use human knowledge to improve computers. Find them at gwap.com.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Technology; Crowdsourcing; PopTech 2009; Internet; Funny
Downloads: 223
[movies]Hayat Sindi launches i2 - PopTech
A leader in both science and social innovation, Dr. Hayat Sindi launched i2, the Institute for Imagination and Ingenuity at PopTech 2011. Dr. Sindi created the institute to bridge the gap between education and opportunity in the Middle East.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; PopTech 2011; Science; Development; Entrepreneur; Activism; DIY; Youth; Science Fellows; Science Fellows 2010; Social Innovation Fellows 2009; Emerging Tech; Social Innovation Fellows
Downloads: 212
[movies]Kel Sheppey: Fighting HIV/AIDS - PopTech
To combat the spread of AIDS, Kel Sheppey founded Wild4Life, an AIDS awareness and testing organization that collaborates with wildlife conservation groups, reaching remote communities and educating them about the importance of AIDS testing and education. The goal: to completely stop the spread of AIDS by leveraging influence within communities.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Health; Fellows; Social Innovation Fellows 2010; Development; Africa; PopTech 2010; Collaboration; Community
Downloads: 224
[movies]Robert Neuwirth: Free Markets vs. Flea Markets - PopTech
Robert Neuwirth tells us about life in the informal economy, what French culture classifies as System D. 1.8 billion people on the planet subsist through economic transactions that happen outside legal spheres and, by 2020, two thirds of our planet will be doing business in this domain. The future is the free market vs. the flea market.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Business; PopTech 2011; Culture; Economics; Governance; Geography; Nationalism; Politics
Downloads: 196
[movies]Porter and Mykleby: A Grand Strategy for the Nation - PopTech
Naval Captain Wayne Porter and Col. Mark Mykleby of the Marines, military strategists working at the highest level of government, present highlights from their paper, "A National Strategic Narrative." Their ideas--less military force, more social capital and more sustainable practices in energy and agriculture--have caused a recent stir in policy communities.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; PopTech 2011; Politics; Democracy; Governance; Resilience; Nationalism
Downloads: 30
[movies]Dominic Muren's Humblefactory - PopTech
Dominic Muren's organization, The Humblefactory, champions "makers," craftspeople who make up the cottage industries of the world. His online platform helps empower these makers, linking them up with markets through co-manufacturing and product design strategy.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; PopTech 2011; Technology; Entrepreneur; DIY; Social Innovation Fellows 2011; Social Innovation Fellows
Downloads: 292
[movies]Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg: Synthetic aesthetics - PopTech
Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, designer, artist and writer, explores the social, ethical and cultural implications of emerging technologies, especially synthetic biology. Her projects open up a creative space to imagine the potential scientific triumphs and disasters on the horizon.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; PopTech 2011; Art; Biology; Innovation; Emerging Tech
Downloads: 228
[movies]Lorrie Vogel: Pioneering designs - PopTech
As General Manager for Nike's "Considered" team, Lorrie Vogel is conducting pioneering research in sustainable product design. Vogel says that green design requires fundamentally altering Nike business practices - which would dramatically cut waste, boost the use of eco-conscious materials, and transform social attitudes around consumption.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Design; Business; Sustainability; Innovation; Green; PopTech 2009
Downloads: 18
[movies]The Egyptian revolution on film - PopTech
Shima'a Helmy joins filmmakers and friends Micah Garen and Marie-Helene Carleton onstage at PopTech to talk about their collaboration on an upcoming documentary film, If. The film explores what it's like being a young revolutionary through the eyes of four different Egyptian women, including Helmy.
Keywords: PopTech; PopCasts; Society; PopTech 2011; Activism; Democracy; Journalism; Community; Human Rights
Downloads: 64
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